‘Abstract Seascapes and Landscapes’ – mono screen printing Workshop by Rachel Moore

Our next evening meeting at The Vines Church will be on Thursday 21st October from 7-9.30 pm. There will be a Screen-printing Workshop by fellow member, Rachel Moore of ‘iPrintedThat’.

 Tickets are bookable now at:

The full price of a ticket will be £10, which will be paid to the Society, but there will be an added Eventbrite fee of £1.01. However, if you have paid your Membership for this financial year, you may use the discount code, RWKASMEMBER, to pay the half price rate.  This cost covers the workshop and refreshments. Hurry, because there are only 20 places available. We have set the number of tickets at 20 on the assumption that at least 5 attendees will bring their own hoops and tights. Please let me know if this will be the case. Thank you.

However, if you don’t wish to take part in this workshop, there will be social sketching in the main hall. Still Life arrangements on an Autumnal theme, and inspirational photos on the two large screens, will be set up for members and guests to draw in pencil only please, because the floor is carpeted. For this, Members pay £3 and Guests £5, which includes refreshments. You may pay this by card or cash on the evening. There will also be a raffle, for which donations of prizes are always welcome. Please remember to enter your car registration in the tablet in the foyer for free parking.

Gallery Visits

As the world slowly re-opens in coming months (with a few hiccups along the way I am sure) we can begin to get out and see art again. But sadly, for many of us, the opportunities to visit galleries are very limited. Therefore, here are some links that will take you two of our favourite galleries to see several virtual exhibitions. Have fun exploring them and please feedback any thoughts and comments for others to follow up.

Firstly, lets go to Kilmarnock, a small gallery in an old, converted Church building about 1 hours drive east of Inverness, in the North of Scotland. It is a wonderfully peaceful place to visit, well off the beaten track and they highlight a wide range of art works, paintings, and wonderful sculptures.

This link will take you to their current exhibition, please walk round and make sure you find the stairs and go up them, there are treasures up there.


This next link takes you to other exhibitions and videos they have had in recent months. Just click on one to visit it. Scroll down the Helen Denerley’s Goshawk sculpture. It is a masterpiece that conveys the emotion aroused by being near the living animal, using mostly empty scape and just a little scrap metal.


Next let’s visit the Mall Gallery in London, a great favourite of ours because its small enough to be intimate but large enough to cram in a wide range of works. Just follow the link below and pick the exhibition you want to walk round. Again, make sure you explore all the rooms, there are three main areas.


R&WKAS Events Reminders:

Summer Painting Programme visit to Chatham Dockyard.  – please book on Eventbrite to join us on Tuesday 8th June at 11.00am. We would like to give the Dockyard an idea of numbers attending on Monday.    

‘Poppies in Coloured Pencil’ by Amber Halsall – please book to attend this very interesting zoom workshop on the evening of  Tuesday 15th June. All the details are on Eventbrite:


Summer Painting Programme

Building on the success of last year’s Summer Painting Programme this year’s programme takes us to several local locations that provide a variety of interesting views, buildings and landscapes and has a few treats in store.  The schedule for each week from June until September is listed below.  

Most locations are free but there are two events which have a small cost for admission or parking, and they will need to be booked in advance on Eventbrite.

The first of these special events is the visit to Chatham Dockyard on the 8th of June where, with the help of Phillipa Blackmore (thank you, Pip) the Dockyard have kindly agreed to treat us as an Educational Group and are allowing us entrance for £7 (plus the Eventbrite fee) which includes car parking as well.  

The link to the Eventbrite booking form is here : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/summer-painting-programme-visit-to-chatham-historic-dockyard-tickets-157293979527

(Note that the normal price is £25 (£22.00 if booked online) or £22.50 (£19.50) if over 65 but this comes with the bonus of being valid for 12 months.  If you feel that you will want to come back several times over the next 12 months this might be a good option for you to look at, go to  “ https://thedockyard.co.uk/plan-your-visit/buytickets/ “ to find out more.)  

The second event that must be prebooked is the visit to Aylesford Priory in July. We are asking for a donation of £5 from those wishing to attend as the Priory asks for donations for both entrance and the car park. This will appear on Eventbrite much closer to the event and will be highlighted on our Facebook page and our web site so please watch out for that.

We have left open slots in the programme which may be filled if we have to cancel events due to bad weather, or we can just have a free week.     

All days start at 11am and are subject to any Covid restrictions in force at the time.  This is open to all members and friends of Rochester and West Kent Art Society. Bring your own materials, come along, and enjoy some informal time together drawing, sketching, or painting. Come when you can leave when you must. 

Our first location is Rochester Castle Gardens and Esplanade on Tuesday 1st June.  It’s half term week so the gardens will be busy (weather allowing) so plenty of painting opportunities.   There is lots of local parking around Rochester, several good cafes, and restaurants. The nearest toilets are opposite the Corn Exchange.

DateVenueLocal Information
1st June Rochester Castle Gardens/EsplanadePark locally, nearest toilets are the Corn Exchange
8th JuneChatham DockyardBook your place with Eventbrite. In the event of bad weather, we are allowed to use the slips. However, if the weather forecast is very bad this event might be postponed.
15th JuneThe Vines Park, RochesterPark locally in Rochester (City Wall car park is closest). Alex Cameron has keys to the Vines Church for access to the toilets.
22nd JuneFort AmherstFree entry but please pay for car park inside the cafe. Car Park is £4 for the day. 
29th JuneCapstone Country ParkFree parking. If the car park is full, the Orchard Car Park further along the road has plenty of space. However, the toilets and cafe are near the lake.
6th JulyRochester Cathedral GardensTo be confirmed.
13th JulyRiverside Country ParkViews of the River Medway (or the mud flats) with riverside walks. There is free parking, a cafe, and toilets.
20th July Free Date for either a cancelled location or open sketching.
27th JulyAylesford PrioryBook your place with Eventbrite. Car Park, toilets and hopefully the tearoom will be open.
3rd AugustHoo St WerburghPark locally, toilets are in the village/town. Meet in the churchyard or walk to the sunflowers.
10th AugustShorne WoodsThe car park is £2.50 a day during the week. There are toilets and a cafe in the visitors’ centre. It would be wise to arrange where to meet friends in advance as it is a large area. For those not wishing to use the motorway, Shorne Woods can be reached via Strood, and Higham then turn left for Shorne. 
17th AugustRochester Riverside WalkTo get there, either

park in Rochester, walk past the station and go through the underpass to get to the Riverside side of the tracks


you can turn off Corporation Street and drive under the railway bridge between the station and the bridge, at Gas House Road and park in the Multi-storey car park. The ticket machine takes cards.

Walk down Riverside Walk to the river and the boats. There is a Costa coffee and a Co-op store down there but it is very close to Rochester High Street facilities.
24th AugustJeskyns Park, Cobham Car parking is £3 for the whole day (either at machine or online). There are toilets and café and loads of people walking dogs.  Some of the path’s lead to woodland walks or down into Cobham Village and there are some cattle and sheep grazing in the park.
31st August Motney Hill Nature Reserve  There is a small car park but toilets and café are at the main Riverside Country Park which is a gentle 1.2 mile walk.
7th SeptemberFree Date for either a cancelled location or open sketching.
14th SeptemberEastgate House GardensPark locally, toilets in High Street
21st SeptemberFree Date for either a cancelled location or open sketching.
28th SeptemberFree Date for either a cancelled location or open sketching.

Summer Outdoor Painting Programme

Our Summer Outdoor Painting Programme starts on Tuesday 1st June from 11 am at Rochester Castle Gardens and Esplanade. Because it’s half term week, the gardens will be busy (weather allowing), providing plenty of painting opportunities. There is lots of local parking around Rochester, several good cafes and restaurants, many of which have outdoor seating areas. The nearest toilets are opposite the Corn Exchange.

This is open to all members and friends of Rochester and West Kent Art Society. Bring your own materials, come along and enjoy some informal time together drawing, sketching or painting. Come when you can, leave when you must.  

Please watch this space for full listing and more information on our Summer Painting Programme with all locations and dates.


Ann Palmer ‘Ebbing Tide’ oil on canvas

Enjoy a feast of original artwork by local artists. There is a wide variety of subjects, styles, and media, at affordable prices. This includes the work for our Ron Wiseman Marine Art Competition, with the River Medway as its theme.

The gallery is shared with the popular Jaspers Community Cafe. So why not enjoy coffee and a delicious snack while you view?

The artworks are best viewed by seeing them at Jaspers Café in the Rochester Community Hub. But for those who cannot visit they are also available as a virtual exhibition.

Exhibition Venue and Dates

Rochester Community Hub,

Eastgate ME1 1EW

From Monday 24th May to Saturday 25th June

Virtual Summer Exhibition

Link:  https://www.artsteps.com/view/60a670411e57f2ebcd0236d3

You can view the virtual exhibition on your computer by pasting the link above into your web browser,

You can also us the artsteps app on your mobile phone or tablet, it’s a free down load from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

Its best viewed in full screen mode (icon of LH side of screen) and you can move around and view each work in the gallery and also see who created each one by selecting it.


Rochester Community Hub, Eastgate ME1 1EW

Monday 24th May – Saturday 25th June

Ann Palmer ‘Ebbing Tide’

Enjoy a feast of original artwork by local artists. There is a wide variety of subjects, styles, and media, at affordable prices. This includes the work for our Ron Wiseman Marine Art Competition, with the River Medway as its theme.

The gallery is shared with the popular Jaspers Community Cafe. So why not enjoy coffee and a delicious snack while you view?

Free entry weekdays during college hours. Also Saturdays and at Half Term, 1-4 June, between 10.30 am – 3pm. Closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays

For further details about the exhibition or our society, please contact  trish.fairchild@gmail.com

Hazel Christine ‘Sunset Over The River Medway’

Reminder – R&WKAS Summer Exhibition

Our Summer exhibition runs from 24th May up until 26th June in the Adult Education College Gallery in Eastgate. The gallery also houses the popular Jasper’s Café, which is re-opening on 17th May (weekdays between 10 am – 3 pm).

For R&WKAS members the deadline for entries is the 17th May so please get your entries to Helen as soon as possible. Our summer show includes our yearly Ron Wiseman Marine Prize competition. Ron was a highly valued and very active long-term R&WKAS member, renowned for his paintings of Thames sailing barges, amongst other subjects. This year’s theme will be the River Medway, a recurring focus coming out of the new Medway Cultural Strategy. It could include wildlife, river scenes, boats, or something very different and imaginative. Our usual wide variety of subjects, styles and media will also be on view in the remainder of the exhibition.

As well as this, the work will be put into an online virtual exhibition, to run at the same time. We already have a virtual gallery of our work from a previous challenge at:


All R&WKAS members will have received an email on how to enter, with entry forms and also instructions on how send in your digital images of your artwork for the online exhibition if you want to see your work shown there as well.

Workshop Reminders – FROM WASTE TO WONDERFUL with Bronach Rae

We are all looking forward to Bronach Rae’s Zoom workshop ‘FROM WASTE TO WONDERFUL’ on 18th May. She is demonstrating her techniques for creating unique items of 3D art, using paper which would usually be put out in the recycling bin.

Bronach will also talk about her collage art, explain the reason behind her creations, her influences, the methods she employs, and her artistic journey. She will talk about her current work and her plans for future work.

Both her 2D and 3D work may be viewed in the exhibition entitled ‘Day of the Tripods’, from now until 29th May, at ‘The Space’ 388 High Street Rochester. This COLONY show also includes work by Simon Mills and Philip Richardson. Bronach has offered to be available there on a day for people to pop in with their work and chat about the bowl they have created. She says, ‘it would be lovely to see people, a nice follow-up.’

The link to buy tickets for ‘FROM WASTE TO WONDERFUL’ is:

Note to Members: don’t forget to use your discount code, for a half-price ticket, if you have paid your Subscription. If anyone else wishes to join R&WKAS, this is the best time to do it, for maximum benefit throughout this new financial year. Membership is at a very reasonable cost of £20.

Wet Pastel Painting of Rochester Castle and the River with Michael Walsh

Workshop on the application of wet pastel painting techniques using pastel dust, pastel pencils and soft pastel sticks with water .

In this workshop Michael Walsh will look at the application of pastel dust, pastel pencils and soft pastel sticks with water, starting with a very basic drawing in pencil of the composition and going through various stages of applying pastel dust, lifting out pigment, the application of water, pastel pencils/pastel sticks and so on adding and taking out as the painting develops.

The advantage of this technique is that the pastels/dust is fixed as the layers are applied. The binding agent in the pastel pigment is reactivated when applying water and dries again as soon as the water evaporates fixing the pigment. The lighter colours are applied first layering through to the deepest, more solid colours. The final effect is not unlike aquatints, mezzotints, etchings with light washes and working on velum and parchment.

For this particular workshop we will be using a delicate application of pastel and dust. Michael’s base colours were the equivalent of Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Red Ochre and Indigo Light. Further colours were Burnt Brown, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow and Lemon Yellow.

Once you have purchased your ticket please click on the “access the event ” box for instructions on materials needed for this workshop.

NOTE: Price information can be found on the eventbrite booking page.